Vineyard Engineering

Topographic Survey & Flood Elevation Certificates

A topographic survey is performed when it is necessary to establish vertical control over an area for pre-planning of construction projects and surface re-grading. Vertical control is also used to delineate the limits of flooding and for the purpose of engineering design for drainage, sewerage or private septic systems. Requirements of a topographic or data accumulation survey are detailed in 250 CMR 6.02;

Research and Investigation: Determine the purpose of the survey and obtain pertinent maps and descriptions of the area to be surveyed. Obtain vertical and horizontal datum upon which the work will be based. For lesser involved projects, an assumed datum could be established.

Field Investigation: Search, locate and verify the location and identification of physical monuments, and weigh their reliability. Make sufficient measurements to correlate all found evidence to the referenced elevation.

Computations, Conclusions and Install Monuments: Compute and compare field information with record data and verify computations. Prepare an appropriate format to present findings.

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