Vineyard Engineering

Property Corner/Line Retracement Survey

A retracement survey is performed when it is necessary to re-establish property corners and/or lines. In most cases, this work is requested before a fence is installed or during pre-planning of subdivisions. In some instances, the retracement survey will be required to settle a property line dispute. To be able to stake out property lines and corners, an instrument survey is required. The instrument survey is a retracement survey, which means that the survey must retrace the steps of the original land surveyor to ascertain the property bounds. Requirements of a retracement survey are detailed in 250 CMR 6.01 and some tasks are briefly described below;

Research and Investigation: Obtain a legal description of property and abutting properties and copies of recorded documents affecting the survey. Obtain from utility companies, public offices and Land Court copies of available plans, documents and field notes affecting the survey. Obtain from known private sources available copies of data affecting the survey. Obtain copies of the applicable zoning by-laws that govern in the area in which the property is located.

Field Investigation: Search and locate physical monuments and weigh their reliability. Make sufficient measurements to correlate all found evidence.

Computations, Conclusions and Install Monuments: Compute and compare field information with record data and investigate any disagreements. Make interpretation of location in accordance with law and/or precedent, and finalize the retracement of the property lines.

This type of survey service is primarily performed in accordance with 250 CMR 6.01 for retracement survey.

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