Vineyard Engineering

OSHA-Trained Surveyors

Vineyard survey and environmental personnel are cross trained to provide both survey and environmental consulting expertise. Accordingly, all company field personnel are OSHA trained and capable of working on environmentally impaired construction sites. Vineyard adds value to any development team.

In most instances, Massachusetts Contingency Plan (MCP) sites require OSHA trained personnel including land surveyors, Vineyard can provide the service that will allow clients and LSPs to maintain compliance with the MCP with little to no increased cost. Whether it is a Site Plan for a Notice of AUL or survey control for sample grids or excavation documentation, costs incurred by Vineyard personnel will usually be less than those incurred by the prime consultant. Vineyard uses modern survey instruments that are professionally maintained on a routine basis, time lost to equipment or personnel issues is generally not a concern.

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