Vineyard Engineering

land survey

Vineyard Engineering & Environmental Services, Inc. provides land survey services for commercial, industrial and residential development. Specifically, Vineyard personnel will be called upon by the contractor to provide horizontal and vertical control for development projects ranging from fence installations, home and building additions and construction of gasoline stations. Retracement surveys are performed for staking out property lines and for survey control required for fences and new construction. As part of the permitting process, Vineyard routinely prepares Certified Plot Plans depicting proposed improvements and final as-built plans to document compliance with building permits. Vineyard personnel work closely with engineers and design professionals to consistently meet the expectations of the customer and regulatory community.

In addition, Vineyard works closely with engineering and environmental consulting firms that require OSHA trained Professional Land Survey services to establish and maintain vertical and horizontal control of sample locations to document particular subsurface conditions. When payment for soil removal or the placement of material is based on in-place values, Vineyard provides volume calculations based on topographic survey services associated with excavation to final depths and final as-built grades. Vineyard also routinely prepares plans depicting areas of restricted or limited use (Activity and Use Limitation) plans for many Massachusetts environmental consulting firms for recording and registration at the Registry of Deeds.

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