Vineyard Engineering

environmental services

Vineyard provides a variety of environmental services including real estate transaction assessments, soil and groundwater investigations in response to a release to the environment, tank removal documentation and oversight, residential oil releases, wetland permitting and utility release abatement measures, and emergency response services. Vineyard has two Licensed Site Professionals (LSP) with over 45 years of combined experience in providing environmental services and a thorough knowledge of the Massachusetts Contingency Plan and other regulatory polices governing response actions. Typical projects recently completed by Vineyard include :

  • A 21E site assessment that identified chlorinated solvents and petroleum in soil and groundwater at a former truck terminal slatted for future development as a multi-unit residential senior citizen complex.
  • An investigation of two ponds at a former rubber land fill site where petroleum, metals, and PCBs were discovered in sediments.
  • Investigation and remediation of a former industrial property impacted by metals and petroleum in soil for future residential/retail development .
  • Remediation of a residential property impacted by oil released from an above ground storage tank within the basement.
  • Assessment and remediation of a release of gasoline at an independently-owned service station.

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