Vineyard Engineering

Subsurface Investigation

Subsurface Investigations may be performed as part of a real estate assessment or in accordance with the Massachusetts Contingency Plan in response to a release of oil or hazardous materials to the environment. Vineyard has done numerous subsurface investigations either to identify an interested property holder’s liability for an environmental issue prior to a real estate transaction or to define the nature and extent of a release to the environment in accordance to the MCP. Typically, the investigations include installation of soil borings and monitoring wells, but may also include other investigative measures such as test pits, ground penetrating radar, hydraulic conductivity testing, magnetometer surveys, and soil gas sampling. The investigation may identify other impacted media that warrant sampling of indoor air, surface water or sediments. Accordingly, Vineyard believes that a well designed investigation is key to understanding the site’s environmental condition and developing a cost effective remedial plan.

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